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Happy Father's Day from Springtown!

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Father Abraham

Springtown Looks at Fathers Through the Life of Abraham

This coming Sabbath (June 20), Pastor Tony Cash will speak on "Father Abraham" to pay tribute to all the men in our church. On this special weekend reserved for the Dads in our lives, join us for Worship at Springtown.

Grab your Bible and read Genesis 22 to prepare for the sermon. And while you're reading, enjoy "Father Abraham" sung by some (in)famous vegetables . . . https://youtu.be/D6UbbI05Fes

OAA Alumni This Weekend

Make Time to See Your Classmates

After Sabbath School & Church in the Gentry Church,
Class Visitation is from
3-5 pm as follows:

1) 50's/60's in Cafe: Nora Krein/Susan Shaw
2) 70's Boy's Chapel: Beth, Lisa & Jody Watkins
3) 80's Youth Center: Pam Crone, Gina Webb & Sheri Decker
4) 90's Potter's House: Angel Pfieffer & Cheryl Potter
5) 00's Student Activity Center: Lindsey & Clint Watkins, Nelson Fuentes
IMPORTANT NOTE: Please remember the Alumni Business Meeting at 8:45 pm immediately following the 8:15 pm Vespers. 

Father's Day Video Inspiration

Two Fresh Looks at Dads & Mom-Dads!

With apologies for the commercial nature of these videos, you'll soon see why they were shared. In a Father's presence and absence, their influence is felt. Happy Father's Day!

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