Presentation Guidelines

Presentation Guidelines - Springtown Adventist Church


Presentations, Music, Weblinks, Pictures, or Videos: All Media needs sent at least 48 hours ahead of time. 

  1. Upload your presentations or other files here,  then send us an an email letting us know you did so.
  2. If unable to upload just email to

We reserve the right to run all presentation with our equipment.  We can furnish you with a slide clicker and a confidence monitor at the podium or at the rear of the church. 

If you send us a PowerPoint or KeyNote presentation: We will convert it to play within ProPresenter assuming there are not any slide elements, such as  transitions. 


  • On-screen size:  16:9  (located under File > Page Setup)

  • Fonts: text is easiest read when the font is 70 or above.                

  • If there is a lot of text, it should be spread over multiple slides to make reading easier.

  • Beware of cluttered backgrounds that make reading the text difficult.  

  • The background should be non-distracting and consistent throughout the presentation. 

  • Slides will be on the live stream and must be easy to read on that medium.  

  • The screen should never be black.  Use a colored blank or background as a spacer.



  • Using a video clip by the denomination that is designed for sharing, such as Mission Spotlight, is acceptable.

  • Otherwise, contact the ministry that produced the video for permission.  They are usually very willing.  Obtaining permission is your responsibility.

  • Here are the guidelines for YouTube videos:

    • We are not allowed to reproduce/broadcast from YouTube unless we have written consent from the owner of the content. The written documentation, if acquired, needs to be sent to with the link for the video and start/stop time before use.  If we do not have written permission we will not legally be allowed to use YouTube.

  • It is the presenters' responsibility to obtain permission and send it to the church.

  • You can use 30 seconds of a video interspersed with your content.  You may use only 5 minutes total from a source in your presentation.  You must clearly credit the source of the video.



  • Copyright laws are stricter when live-streaming.  

  • Photos or graphics taken from Google often infringe on copyright laws.  

  • It is recommended to use personal or purchased photos or graphics for projection that will be live-streamed. 

  • Pictures with watermarks are copyrighted.  They must be purchased in order to use them.

  • Manipulating pictures is not recommended.  But you still must clearly credit the original source.


Acknowledge the Source

  • In order to avoid copyright infringement, all original sources of graphics or videos should be acknowledged specifically and with enough screen time to be recognized.


All Presentations, Sermons or events at Springtown Adventist church are recorded and live streamed. If you do not want your presentation live-streamed,we need to know 7 days before you arrive, otherwise we will not be able to comply with your request. 


We welcome you to Northwest Arkansas.  We are here to help you in any way we can.

Please contact us with any questions or requests.