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Media Team


The Media Team is responsible for the sound, lights, and video presentations that take place in worship and that go out over our livestream broadcast.

Responsibilities include:

  • Arriving a minimum of 45 minutes early to ensure everything is setup and working accordingly. 

  • Mics and soundcheck should be completed 15 minutes before people begin to arrive

  • All graphics should be ready on ProPresenter Computer before program begins

  • Video - Streaming Sermon Title updated, Cameras checked, and ready to begin program with countdown 5 minutes prior to start. 

  • Lighting - All Stage, Wall and backlighting set. Shades drawn and lighting programs started for special events etc. 

  • After program has completed, put away all mics, cables, and ensure all equipment is properly turned off and securely put away.



  • Sound Technician and Stage Crew

  • Graphics Director - Computer with ProPresenter for Audio and Video

  • Video Director - Streaming Production and Cameras (Vmix with remote cameras)

  • Lighting Technician and Stage Crew


Training provided for interested individuals.

Requirements: Should be somewhat familiar with technology, including computers. Willing to work with others and Willing to learn together. 

Time Commitment: 4 hours on Sabbath morning & Possible mid-week services or rehearsals

Volunteers Needed: 15