Youth Sabbath School Teacher

  • TEENS (13-17)
  • YOUNG ADULT (18-29)

The Sabbath School teacher plays a key role in achieving the ministry mission for Sabbath School and has the following responsibilities:

  • Sits with the children assigned and learns their names.
  • Relates to children in a loving, respectful manner.
  • Notes missing members and calls family during the week (should also alert pastor as well).
  • Occasional calls children during the week to encourage and pray with them.
  • Recognizes the children outside of class.
  • Looks for opportunities to encourage children to accept Jesus; helps them start their own plan for daily devotions.
  • Demonstrates a concern for child safety by filling out the volunteer ministry information form and returning it when asked and by observing the guidelines for volunteers and caregivers.


  • Maintain a habit of daily personal prayer and Bible study.
  • Model God’s grace in relationships within the class.
  • Seeks to love and accept each child at all times.
  • Expresses love for God by praying with the class and telling a personal salvation story—what God has done for them—and by “walking the talk.”

Sabbath School Teacher